Before you sign the contract, there are several questions you would want to ask when talking to possible roofing contractors. It is also wise to have a checklist. Here are several questions that you could ask to help you find the right roofers in Rapid City, SD. 

Professional Roofing Contractor 

How long have you been in the Industry? 

How the contractor answers would tell you much about the firm. The company has proven itself to be trustworthy and experience in the roofing business if they have been in the industry for 30 years as a family business. You would want to do some additional questioning if it has only been 1 up to 2 years. In addition to that, ask if they have modified the company’s name at all. A company that is hiding from the past isn’t a great thing.  

What Type of Insurance do you have? 

General liability and Workman’s compensation, these are the 2 things that you would want to hear. Just in case one of the workers gets harmed on your property, workman’s compensation will cover you. General liability is for any damage done to the house by the contractor. 

Do you have referrals? 

Communicating with other homeowners about the firm could offer you important insight of what sort of firm they are. Would they hire them again? Was the project finished in a timely manner? Were the contractors professional? These are several questions you could ask the references.  

Do you utilize subcontractors? 

Several firms would hire subcontractors to really do the job. This could be a bad sign. This is because there’s no assurance how great they are if they aren’t related to the roofing contractor you’re talking with.  

Is the firm bonded? 

A roofing company bond is protection and assurance against unwanted and illegal actions the firm might do. Though these vary in each state and might not be required, it’s something to look into.  

What Type of License do you have? 

The roofer must have appropriate licensing with the state and home city they’re doing business in. be sure the license is updated and valid. Also, make sure that it has no violations or penalties on it.  

How do you protect the landscaping and lawn with working? 

Replacing the entire roof and installing a new one will consist of a lot of movement and materials. Be sure to request and ask how your landscaping would be protected during the project if you have an amazing front lawn with great landscaping. 

Do you have a warranty? 

Get the information about the warranty that must cover both the work performed and the materials. It must also include the duration and what needs to happen. This must also include the original warranty of the manufacturer on all the materials utilized.  

Does it include removal of the old roof? 

This is typically included and standard. However, you should make sure it is. You do not want to get the quote to see the removal as an additional fee.